My first finished project!

I knitted this scarf on size 15 needles with Red Heart yarn. It took about 4 days to finish!

OOooh, very nice! Who’s the lucky recipient, or are you keeping this one for yourself?

That’s quite nice…love, love the color :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: !!

That’s very pretty! I love the color!

i agree with the others, the red is very nice!

:cheering: GREAT JOB!! :cheering:

:cheering: :cheering:

That’s lovely! My first FO was a red scarf, too!

Very nice!

And congrats on completing your first project!! :thumbsup:

Beautiful!!! What kind of Red Heart yarn is it? It looks really soft and fluffy. Love it!!
I live and knit in Louisville, too! :XX:

Very pretty!! :happydance: Congrats on your first FO!!!

Are you a Gilmore fan too?? :inlove: that show!!

It’s red heart light and lofty, I don’t remember the of the color. This is a gift for my boyfriends mom.

Gilmore girls is my favorite show!

thanks everyone!

Re is my favorite color! Somebody’s going to feel very special getiing this as a gift!

gorgeous color!!

Congratulations! I like the redheart for a chunky scarf! Great look! and SOFT!

Thanks! I using the redheart light and lofty in white for my dads monitor cover too.

I made myself a green scarf out of Light’n’Lofty last year (crocheted, before I learned to knit). It’s sooooo soft and cuddly. :heart:

I watch very little tv, but usually have about one show per year that I follow. This year, it’s the Gilmore Girls. I discovered it quite by accident on an afternoon rerun. I was hooked within a few shows. I don’t always remember to catch the weekly current ones, but they eventually show up on the afternoon reruns. Don’t you just LOVE the scarves Rory and Loralei wear? :smiley:

Yay first project!! Looks great.