My First Finished Project!

I am soooo proud of the scarf (2 actually) that I’ve made this week. One is for my brother and the other is for his 4 year old son (matching scarves). I’m also working on a pastel colored scarf for his 7 year old daughter. Whoo Hoo, knitting is fun! :cheering: :knitting: :woot:

Very nice. :cheering: You did a great job. I like the color of the yarn. :yay:

Looks great. Well done.

Congrats!!! It looks wonderful!!! Yes, knitting is fun! and very addicting too! :slight_smile:

:woot: Congrats!! It looks great

Very nice job! Welcome to the addiction…:wink:

That’s pretty!! Well done :thumbsup: and welcome to KH!

GREAT work! :slight_smile:

Congratulations!!! And nice job on it.
Yes, knitting IS fun

Good job! My first project was a scarf, too. I’m so happy that you are enjoying yourself. :slight_smile:

I think most knitters start with a scarf. It’s boring, but it’s a great way to learn to be comfortable with the act of knitting and create even tension.

Your scarf is really nice! I’m sure they’ll love them!

Congratulations :slight_smile: Lovely scarf !

Very nice and I like the color.

Wow…that turned out really spectacular for a first project!

My first project (last year at this time) was a scarf done on size 19 needles (HUGE) and I realized two months later that I was knitting the stitches wrong so they came out twisted! :slight_smile:

I’m so glad you are having fun with your knitting…isn’t it wonderful?! :heart:


that’s a lovely scarf. You did great!

I really like it! Also nice that it’s not too wide! The long fringe really sets it off nicely! Good work!!!

Knit on Good Woman!! :knitting: