My first finished project for '09!

trying to start the new year off w/ more knitting done then other years…I was doing more sewing n crocheting…now i have alot of projects on the needle…

This is my “make it up as i go” hat that i made for my niece…
I tried to writed down the pattern as i go…but i neer wrote one b4, it made sence to me… but i think everyone else would be soo lost…

so for now i’ll just share pictures…:woot:

sorry here’s the pic…:aww:

Awww that is so cute!

Hahaha! I guess we fixed it at the same time!

This is super sweet :cheering: both the hat and the niece:inlove:

Awwww, the hat is almost as cute as your niece!!! Adorable!

That hat is soooo cute, and your niece is adorable.

The hat and your niece are very cute.

aaaaw~ADORABLE!! the hats too :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok I don’t know which is cuter the hat or the baby?

I agree with Scout. That hat is just adorable and your niece makes it even more so :yay:

Very sweet. I :heart: it!

:inlove: too cute! She is adorable!

that is such an adorable hat. She is such a cutie and the hat jsut takes the cake

How totally adorable! :yay:

A truly great hat and such an adorable baby!!!