My first felting FO

This is my first felting FO. These were supposed to be for my son but they turned out too narrow. I think the length is right but it won’t fit him. So am thinking about trying to shrink them another 2 or 3 inches and keeping them for myself.

Felting is always a [SIZE=2][COLOR=Black]crapshoot uh…[/COLOR][/SIZE] gamble. :teehee: They look good though!

:teehee: I’ve done that with felting too… they look great!! :thumbsup:

I too have had some…er… interesting results with felting slippers. I have found though that some yarns felt differnetly from others. Maybe next time use the same pattern but try a different yarn?

That’s a good idea. Thank you!!

They look nice and cozy like they will really keep your feet warm!

I’ve tried them on and they are warm. I thought they would be scratchy but they aren’t.

I hope you’ll be able to get them to fit you. They look warm and cozy!

I think they look great!

They look nice and warm. Glad they fit you.