My first FELTED project

Here is a bag I made for my mom… this was my first real felting project and it was so much fun!

Its the Tote Around by knitkits

I used Araucania Nature Wool and the flags are a silk ribbon from Joy Trendsetter Yarns.

That came out so pretty!! Just beautiful. :XX:

Very pretty! :smiley:

How lovely the colors are wonderful!

Very pretty! I’m sure your mom will love it!

That’s awesome, I like the ruffly effect!

Looks great - I like the ruffles too!

Love it, it turned out so nicely with the ruffles…I love ruffles :wink:

Oh wow that’s beautiful! Gorgeous color too :thumbsup:

That turned out just wonderful!

What a cool looking bag! I’m sure your mom will love it!

Thanks for all the great replies ladies. I’m dying to give it to my mom, but my knitting group has to see it first. LOL

I plan on taking my camera with me tomorrow to the LYS and get some pictures of the great group of ladies I knit with.

Last week they surprised me with a birthday cake … it was great fun!

That looks so cool!

Great job on the bag, I just know your mom will adore it.

And, :present: :balloons: :present: Happy Belated Birthday!!!