My first felted join

Oh how I :heart: this site so much! I’m always nervous about cutting yarn anytime even after I’ve bound off but especially when I’m changing colors. I usually just square knot the two colors together and weave in the ends …but I followed the video on joining here and it looks so much better. YAY! Thank you Knittinghelp:muah:

it’s a beautiful thing!

I love felted joins! No extra thickness or weaving of ends! Glad you figure it out!

I have a muscle problem in my arms and legs and can’t roll the yarn hard enough to felt the ends. Boo! So I learned to do a Russian join which I find to be equally good.

You really don’t hae to roll “hard”, it doesn’t take much friction to felt the join, TRY IT YOU’LL LOVE IT!!!

Felted Joins are so much fun!!!

Felted joins are so great, and the only ones I use. I don’t like finishing work, so they’re greata for me!

You used a felted join for two different colours?

Yes, that’s how it says to do it in the video. You fold the colors back onto themselves so the colors don’t get mixed up.

You don’t get any blending at all? That’s interesting… I like felted joins but for two colours would normally use a Russian join or lock the loops/fold them back on themselves for about 3-4 knitted stitches. Must try…

thanks holamiis