My first Fauxhawk hat

Here is my first fauxhawk hat, knit with cascade 220, doubled. Pattern called for Lambs Pride Bulky, but I had these colors left over from my daughters purse and figured I would make a matching mohawk hat… (She can be a bit of a nag when she wants somthing :teehee: )

Anyhow… I will be doing more of these, in LPBulky and another in Cascade… I’ll probably make the mohawk part without doubling the knots, just put more in there.

Wow!!! I absolutely love it - it’s so funky and fun! I think you had great color choices. Nice knitting! :smiley:

Very cute and funky! Those colors are fabulous!

I agree, the colors are delicious! They look great!

I also thought “funky” :slight_smile: Is the bottom image like a jester’s cap made into a bag??

Just wondering… WHO is going to wear those?

(I love the jester one)

that is the “Jester Tentacle Bag” by Cat Bordhi it is an actual bag, but you could wear it as a hat.

That would be my daughter… teenagers, one minute they are wearing all black and looking Emo, next they are running around town in goofy fauxhawk hats. :roflhard:

Great hat! :cheering::cheering: When the picture first started appearing I thought, “What is this?” All I could see were the fringie things sticking up and a bit of blue and I thought it was like a wild bonnet with a fringie ruffle around the face. :lol: This is better. Life is too short for boring hats!! That’s my motto. This one is not boring. :thumbsup: