My first Fair isle

This is my first Fair isle. :woot: :woohoo: The only problem is I think I pulled to tight on the back. :pout: If you have any tips on how to stop that please let me know.:flirt: :knitting:

cute where did you get that pattern I have yet to try fair isle but I am ready now.

Excellent job! That looks quite nice.

I was told that it’s far better to have the floats a bit loose as to have them too tight which causes puckers. When I start the new color I pick up the float and after the first stitch I kind of stretch the work a bit to ensure the float remains loose. Hope that answers your question.

What a nice job! Wow!

It looks good.

Very nice! Yes, do like Mason suggests or just try to keep them loose. You don’t want them too droopy, but they need to be able to stretch some because that is the nature of knitting.

Blueeyes…here is where I learned Fair Isle. You need IE to view the video.

That is very pretty! You are so much braver than I! I haven’t tried any color work yet! Good job!

Wow - beautiful!!!

:yay: very pretty!

Actually your work looks pretty good. If the loops are too tight it will pucker and yours looks smooth. Good job. Yep, do the big jerk after each color change. :slight_smile:

That’s really pretty!