My first experience with hanks of yarn?

I got my Tahki cotton yarn for my DD’s sweater and I’m working on the swatch gauge… are you supposed to wind the yarn so it comes up untwisted and unknotted? Right now my hank has devolved into a huge mess.

This is the first yarn I’ve used that wasn’t already wound up in a skein. :oops:

ooooh no. :wall: Never try to knit directly from a hank (yeah nice of me to tell you that now huh?!) if you don’t have a swift you can wrap the untwisted hank around the back of a chair or someone’s hands, or your feet, or SOMETHING and wind it up into a ball before using it. if you don’t, you will have a mess. it can be undone (assuming it isn’t super thin mohair or something like that…pretty sure that stuff is evil) but it does take incredible patience. :hug:

I feel for ya. I would try to untangle it. If it’s like a kid mohair or some other hairy yarn, it is lost.

Thanks, guys… live and learn, huh? :oops: Luckily it’s just nice cotton, not shedding or splitting at all. I’m going to try to untangle and wind it from the other end. At least it’s just a swatch gauge too!

Yeah, cotton should be easy to untangle, if it’s not pulled to tight.

I totally feel your pain. I lost a half a hank of some gorgeous Schaefer Laurel Memorable Women yarn in the Shari Lewis colorway. My precious grandmother paid $85 for that hank of yarn at the LYS and half of it ended up being an unsalvagable mess. If all else fails and you don’t have a way to unwind the hank at home, perhaps your LYS would be kind enough to wind it into a ball for you.

Use Amy’s center pull ball method and you’ll get one of those lovely yarn cakes that don’t roll away, too! :wink: