My first every knitting in public (OT)

A neat craft moment happened this morning and I thought I would share it with y’all.

So this morning, I had to take my car to the dealership because it is making noises and being the recently addicted knitter that I am, I decided to bring my knitting with me, so I’d have something to do once I finished my book.
I get to the waiting area, and a woman is in there with her husband, and I can tell she’s sewing on applique for a quilt. Then a couple of other couples come in, and one of the recent arrivals brings out her crochet lace project. I finish my book, and after getting bad news about repair issues (my car needs a new fuel pump :frowning: ) I whip out my knitting and start casting on so I can make the cat toy “Wonton”. I no sooner whip out my needles and yarn that an older grandfatherly gentleman says “oh my, another girl is getting crafty. it’s time for us men to leave.” :smiley:


That’s neat! I found it a little hard at first, but I’ve knit in doctor’s offices and at Starbucks now. :wink:

I used to crochet a lot when I went out to the bookstore and coffee shop. Most often, I’d get men in their 50-60’s walking up to me and saying: “Ooooh, my mother (or grandmother) used to do that!”.

Most women would give me knowing smile and a couple of ladies came up closer to check out the stitches I was using. :smiley:

That’s so funny!

My first KIP was at a mechanic’s waiting on my car too. I was the only crafty woman in the lobby, though, but one older woman was very interested. Her interest was short lived though, when I explained I was knitting a hammock for my rat’s cage! :rofling:

That’s really awsome :thumbsup: Too bad about your car though… I hope it gets repaired, or if it’s already repaired, awsome! Anyway, people always stare at me when I’m knitting. They either ask me to knit them something, tell me it’s cool, or say “Oh, I uesd to knit, but I stopped” and then I tell them to bring their needles to school and I help them. Then my sister teases me for being a nerd ^_^;;

Anyway, whoohoo! :happydance:

I’m always knitting at work, and the ladies that work near me like to watch and ask questions, but it seems like someone new is always coming in and commenting, but they are usually all positive, except for the “why don’t you just buy one” when I was knitting the bikini for our anniversary trip. And can you believe that came from some one who used to knit?! I guess that’s why she ‘used’ to knit, and doesn’t anymore, with an attitude like that…sheesh! :lol:

I KIP whenever I can–usually, not when I have my toddler with me, though. My 10 year-old gets soooo embarrassed (she always says “people are looking at you.”). LOL.

I KIP when I can, too.

Most recently was on Monday while my dog was having his 3rd knee surgery. It was the very first time I didn’t have a panic attack while he was in surgery! :wink:

No one said a word… One of the ladies looked a little bit interested, but I think she was too busy to say anything.