My first ever socks!

Sorry for the nasty floor- I took the picture here at work because that’s where my camera was. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job! I can’t believe those are your first socks! Are you addicted yet?

Oh yes, totally. I just ordered 6 skeins of sock yarn and some more long circs from knitpicks! :slight_smile:

Those are pretty!

They look great. Quite the fancy pattern for first socks.

These look gorgeous!! (And I never would have noticed the floor if you hadn’t mentioned it :wink: )

I can’t believe they are your first pair there fabulous!
This is just the start of things to com e x

I am [COLOR=DarkGreen][B]green with envy[/B][/COLOR]! These are your FIRST SOCKS!?? OMG…[B]you[/B] [B]are wonderful…and so are your socks![/B]

I so way have to get with it and learn how to do socks! :pout:

They look just great!

OoooOOOOO pretty!

Very Pretty. I first pair was a plain ole basic sock pattern. In fact, I still shy away from fancy lacy stuff.

Excellent work!

:passedout:! Great socks and i can’t believe these are your first pair. WTG :cheering:

:happydance: They look wonderful!!

Congrats! They are fabulous!! I’ve started my first pair of socks, but keep getting interrupted by other projects that had a deadline … :frowning: by the time I get them finished it will be too warm to wear them … til next year that is.