My first ever project completed!

I’m so happy and so proud of myself! I finished my first knitting project today! :yay: Nothing fancy, just a garter stitch scarf that I started in the knitting class last Sunday but pretty darn good for a first timer I think. :slight_smile: :woot:

Picture is here if you’re interested in peeking.

Gonna start making some neat state “embossed” wash cloths that I saw to learn the knit/purl combo now.


Great job:yay: I know it feels rewarding to know you make it. My first scarf took over a year to finish, not complicated just turned warm and I wasn’t interested in knitting. Your timeline was much better than mine!!

Congratulations! Very nice.

Congrats! That is a nice scarf. It is such a wonderful feeling when you manage to make something useful out of a ball of yarn and some pointy sticks. Keep up the good work!

Great job! It didn’t take you long to finish it either :thumbsup: Looks nice and warm.

Great Job! Welcome to the world of the knitting addict!:cheering:

Nice job! Welcome to knitting, and welcome to KH! :hug:

Congratulations, looks great.

Good Job:knitting: :yay: that is a beautiful scarf, have fun wearing it!


:hug: Awesome! Your scarf looks great! Welcome to the addicting world of knitting! It is a great one, and this site is a great one to learn from. Welcome and feel free to ask anything… there are great guys here that can help in any way…

Congrats! As a fellow newbie I know the joy of finishing a project. It only gets better from here.

Excellent job! :thumbsup:

Congrats, looks great!

Looks great, what yarn did you use?

Awesome! Congrats on the lovely scarf. Welcome… I’m new to knitting too and everyone here was very lovely and welcoming even when I wanted to pitch my needles in the trash.


Congratulations, it looks great. Now repeat after me Hello my name is (insert name here) and I am a knitting addict. Welcome to our world where there is never too much yarn and an endless list of patterns we must make.

Yes, What plantgoddess just said :wink:

Hooray!! That DOES look great-you have every reason to be proud :slight_smile: Welcome to knitting-and KH!

Congratulations! That was me just a little of a year ago and now I have even knit a couple of sweaters! Your addiction is just getting underway! Have fun! Scarf is great!

:yay: Great job! My first project was also a garter stitch scarf, but I didn’t finish it as quickly as you finished yours.