My first ever Mittens!

This is my first Mittens ever,they are not whit out Mistakes but i think i did ok for my first try:woot: I love making mittens:heart:
Pattern is from Sandy’s Needle Nook.

Those are great, and they look like they are perfect for snowball making!

I love them and so does that cute model x

They look great!

Good job, on both the mittens and the model!!!

Great job! :slight_smile:

Those look great, nice yarn too. Good work

VERY NICE JOB!!! They look PERFECT to me:happydance:

:cheering: Good job!!! I love making mittens, too!

They look great !! Mittens are on the to to list for myself once I get Christmas all straightened out …

:happydance: They look great and she looks very happy!!!

I love them, nice colors!

Pretty mittens, a cutie modeling them and snow too!! Super job!:thumbsup:

Love the colors! GREAT job!

Those look GREAT!!! :yay:

Good job! Those look really warm and I love the fun yarn.

Nice looking pair of mittens!

Thanks everyone:)

Congratulations on completing your first pair of mittens! They look great. :thumbsup:

Nice job! I’m hoping to do a pair for a Christmas gift but since I’ve never made them I’m not sure if I have enough time. Those really look great!