My first ever knitting project

And you can totally tell! lol. . . .I am the type of person to jump right in to a new hobby so instead of doing something like a washcloth I made wool shorties for my boy. It took There are lots of mistakes but he loves them :slight_smile:

Knitting is so much fun, hopefully I am able to improve enough that I am not embarrassed to show pictures of my projects lol.

Congratulations on your first completed project. The shorties look super–and your kiddo is happy with them, too. I’d mark that down as a success!


Mistakes are just learning opportunities and nothing to be ashamed of!!

Cool. A success in all ways and especially so since your son likes wearing them. Congrats and what’s next?

Congratulations!! :yay: Your son loves them because you made them. He sees the love not the mistakes.

Good for you! Those are adorable!

Very cute and the wearer is pleased. Success defined!

Thanks so much, you guys are too kind lol. Next. . .I’m thinking of attempting to conquer (key word. . .attempting. . .) SOCKS! I have some pretty pink/maroon/brown yarn to make something for my girls (11 months) but I want to be a bit better before I attempt that, I figure socks would be a good way to learn and improve. Am I way off? Should I try something else?

You could go on to socks. I expect you’d do quite well with them. You might consider a hat that’s knit in the round first, just to give yourself more practice. However, if socks you want to do, go for it!

Aw, cute. I think somehow making clothes for kids is very inspirational for moms.

Socks is not a bad idea. I would suggest reading something about the sock anatomy or maybe having someone explain the steps first, in English. Because of many little manipulations, the pattern might seem long and intimidating. So knowing what those steps are for helped me quite a bit.

Other than that – go for it and have fun!

I learned to knit socks with this, not a pattern but a how to just in case you’d like to check it out. There is something very satisfying about socks.

Thanks for the link! I have been worried about the socks because of people posting about “The infamous kitchener stitch”. I was thinking “well maybe I should do a hat first” but I crochet and have made 100 hats for my kids because crochet is so fast. . they have monster hats, owl hats, beanies, angry birds hats etc etc, crazy fun hats lol. . .so I watched a how-to tutorial video similar to the one you posted here and realized that “the infamous kitchener stitch” is the same as grafting, which is what I had to do to attach the gusset of the shorts up there to the legs lolol. I guess I don’t have to fret about that anymore since I’ve already done it. I did magic loop to do the legs on the shorts and used 16 inch circular needles for the rise and the waistband. I really like knitting in the round. I picked up crochet in December and Knitting in Feb. I wish I had done it sooner, I really REALLY enjoy it. I am already a fiber fanatic.cloud9

If you can get a hold of Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s, you might find her ‘sock recipe’ useful, too. I am pretty sure anytime I knit socks I ‘hear’ the instructions in my head :slight_smile:

Congratulations! :yay: Those are simply precious!

Eleven month old girls. Twins? Congrats. I’m a mom of identical twin sons that are now 28 years old.

Your work looks perfect! And such cute shorts! Love the amazing colors!!