My first ever blog...(gulp)

hey everyone. I have posted stuff under the help section but I thought it would be nice if I properly introduced myself. I’m lyoncub and although I’m only 18 i’ve been knitting for over 5 years. I started because when i went into hospital for my spinal surgery i was worried that I wouldn’t have anything to do. My nan taught methe basic knit and purl and i’ve soared from there.

I’m usually a toy knitter but i’ve been trying to do clothes because my parents keep saying i should make something more useful lol. But i might ask for help alot.

I’ve never kept a blog before so this should be intresting. It will also hopefully help me keep focused on one project at a time because I have a habbit of leaping from one to the next without completly finishing.

I hope we can all be friends! :hug: :grphug:

Welcome, Lyoncub! I have a blog, but it’s kind of ignored now. :teehee: You’re welcome to give it a try though.

Make sure you ask questions in the How-to forum though and share in What’cha Knittin’ because this isn’t a busy forum and it will be easily overlooked by most members.

Hi, and welcome to the blogs. Are you doing ok after your surgery?
My dad had a spinal surgery.