My first ever attempt at hand dyed yarn

I used Knit Picks Bare 100% Merino fingering weight yarn (440 yds), Kool-Aid, vinegar, water, & a crockpot! DH helped me name the colorway: [I]Fruit Cocktail[/I]. I couldn’t be happier with the results. :woot: I posted a step by step tutorial on my blog.

Love the color.

:inlove: beautiful!

thats very pretty!

Wow! That is a beautiful skein of yarn. :cheering:

I didn’t have nearly that great results with my first attempt at dying. If I had to give my first hand-dyed skein a name, it would be PB&J Barf :roflhard: .

Beautiful colors!!

Absolutly beautiful

KPG that is AWSOME looking

Sweet colors! I bet that will knit up really pretty.

I read your blog about how you dyed your yarn. Thanks for an easy to understand and follow tutorial. That is a pretty varigated hank of color and your hubby was great in naming it. It makes me think of tropical punch.

Was the amount of yarn (that you dyed) enough to make a triangular shawl? I want to try this myself, but I want to be sure that when I do there will be enough of the yarn to make a shawl or sweater.

Did you have to use anything to weigh the yarn down so it would remain completely submerged?

I used KnitPicks Bare Merino Wool Sock Yarn. It is 440 yds and 100g/hank. You could make a shoulder shawl, scarf, or thin wrap out of it.

I didn’t use anything to hold down my wool It was just in the water in the crockpot and I poured the Kool-Aid on top. This looks like it wouldn’t be right - having the Kool-Aid just sit on top of the water on top of the hank - but it eventually absorbs into the yarn. No stirring or moving the yarn required. :slight_smile: