My first ever 2 color piece!

With the help of forum members, I found a pattern and embarked on learning how to do a two color piece. Took me all day, but we made it!

It looks great! :yay:

Love the two colors. I am starting that technique on a hat where you knit two colors all the way around.

I grew up in the next town over. Go Tigers!

Great job!!! It looks fabulous!

Very nice – your tension looks nice and even. Lovely work.

Thank you all so much for your support! Today I start a three color!

Spam-Town USA
Go Packers! (That’s High School, not pro! Go Vikings!)

Great job on your first 2 color piece! Your tension looks great. Good luck with your next challenge… isn’t it fun to learn new things?

Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbb n nice color matching

I LOVE THIS! I haven’t seen pink and gray paired together in a long time! I forgot how much I love them together! Both are great shades, too! Not too pink, not too gray! Just right!

Add me to your list of admirers, very nice color combination and nice looking work.

Isn’t it fun to learn new things…and do such a great job on it! Good luck with your next endeavor!

That is fantastic! Thanks for sharing the pics with us.

Nice job with the two colors. You made a very nice hat.

Beatiful :slight_smile: Great job ! :slight_smile: