My First Dying Experience

Here are 2 hanks of Cascade 220 that I dyed with Koolaid. The one on the left is with Berry Blue, and the other, my very first, has a long dramatic tale behind it. Lets just say there’s no way I could duplicate the color. :teehee:

Hi Jdee - I know this is an old thread, but I’ve never been into the spinning/dying forum before. Just wanted to say that I love both colors of the yarn you dyed. I’m just starting to think about trying to dye some yarn myself.

Have you started knitting with either of your hand-dyed yarns, or dyed any more?

Any beginner to beginner tips?

make sure you don’t boil your yarn! This can cause felting and a wicked mess. Also, if you’re dyeing with food coloring make sure you wear gloves otherwise your hands will turn crazy colors. Just google dyeing your own yarn and check out a few tutorials. That’s what I did and now I have my own shop (check out my signature for the link)!