My first design!

Just finished these last night. I was always tired of seeing red marks on my baby’s neck from the seatbelt and so I designed this…no more red marks from the straps of the carseat!!!

Well, aren’t you a clever one! They’re pretty and practical. :thumbsup:

:cheering: That Is Awesome :cheering: and would be perfect for all the seat belt straps … would you be willing to share the pattern :teehee:

:XX: Shelley
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I’m always willing to share patterns and recipies…I also submitted the pattern to the knit a patern a day calendar…we’ll see if they use it.
I used size 8 needles and Bernat baby soft
cast on 26
knit in stockenette stitch for 22 rows
bind off (row 23)
sew around car seat straps!
The only thing I ask is that you don’t sell the pattern and that you either post or email me a copy when you’re done.

Great idea! Hope it gets accepted for the calendar! :stuck_out_tongue:

How clever! :thumbsup:

WTG!!! How very, very ingenius :cheering: :cheering:

Great idea! You could even sew on Velcro or snaps so you can take it off to wash the baby drool.

I love it! Wouldn’t this be sweet in Malabrigo? Not exactly sensible, but it sure would feel great.

Oh I wish that I knew how to knit when my son was a baby !! That would have been awsome !! WTG on your seat belt covers !!! :cheering: LOVE EM !!!

My seatbelt straps come out for washing so I didn’t need snaps (though I thought about it) b/c I can just slip them off when she spits up on them.

:thumbsup: Poifect!!

I’m so sorry to be the rain on the parade :frowning: , but car seat manufacturers will null and void any warranty of safety and function if anything is placed/attached to the car seat that didn’t come with the car seat. This includes those newborn head rolls, mobiles for the handle, extra seat covers over the exsisting, etc. I feel obligated to throw this in here because many people do not know this and if anything (God forbid!) were to happen these manufacturers will say “too bad, but you used after market items”. If you ever get your car seat and base inspected by a certified car seat safety inspector (through the Police or FD) they should also tell people this.

Although your idea is lovely and looks great!

Wow those are super!! I am going to knit one for my safety belt across my shoulder/ neck area!! Yes!!! :muah:

Great idea!

:notworthy: that is such a good idea … too bad I don’t have a little one to use it …