My First Crocheted Garment!

Yay! I’ve been learning how to crochet for the past few years, and decided to try to make a cardigan. Finished it this week!

Shandeh - On the Lace Cardigan by Shandeh, on Flickr
I used Bernat Satin Sparkle in the color “Twilight”, and their free pattern called “On the Lace Cardigan”.

That is so pretty, Sandy!

Wonderful sweater in such a lovely stitch pattern. You certainly have learned to crochet beautifully.

So lovely Sandy! Love the design, the stitch pattern and that scalloped edge is just scrumptious! Nice job!


Beautiful! Looks great on and will be a nice color to dress up in. Good work on your first crocheted garment. Perhaps it won’t be your last?

Thank you all for your kind encouragement!
I’ve been wanting a lacy cardigan for quite a while. Now, I want another!

LOL Never satisfied, are we?

Good work! Looks lovely on you. What will the next be like?

Gosh, I don’t know which pattern to pick. I love using Bernat patterns, because all their new designs go up to size 5X. :slight_smile: I’m gonna look through their patterns and decide.

Beautiful! Love your hair, too!

Thank you!
Believe it or not, I get my haircuts at Walmart Smart Style salon. Ha! I just wash it, put on hair gel, and let it dry naturally. I have very thick hair, which used to be coppery red. Now, it’s gone from red to blonde to white. I hope it gets whiter, so I can pretend to be an angel! :wink: :halo:

That’s fantastic!

Thank you! I’m wearing it today with a blue flowered dress, and it sets it off nicely.

With practice you’ll be able to do more complicated things. You might join and look around at the patterns, find something you feel you can do and ask lots of questions here. If you’ve not tried knitting in the round yet, you might look for something simple to give it a try. If you want to try a pattern stitch on something small, maybe a dish cloth. Together, we can knit anything!

:thumbsup: It’s gorgeous! You did a wonderful job! Did it take long?

Thanks! It took four months, and I was working on other projects as well. It took so long, because I am a size 3x. A smaller size would go much quicker, I’m sure.

[B][COLOR=“Navy”]How beautiful. Color me impressed! [/COLOR][/B]

the sweater is lovely-what else have u crocheted?

Thank you!

Thanks! I really havent crocheted that many things. Still learning the craft. Ive made dishcloths, baby booties, slippers, hats, scarves, cowls, and I am working on some blankets.