My first Crochet thing

I just learned how to Crochet today. Here it is. :heart:

Ahhh, that is so sweet. How do you like crocheting???

It’s so much fun, isn’t it? I’ve only been crocheting for a month now and am working on an spiderman afghan for my grandson…nothing like jumping in with both feet!
Merry :slight_smile:

Crocheting is fun. XD I like it.

That’s the best way :slight_smile:

Jump off the deep and and hope you swim :slight_smile:

Besides if you don’t get up the nerve to try new things then you get stuck in a crochet/knit rut.

:cheering: :cheering: Very cute! Way to go with the afghan! Is it a round ripple? (I’ve yet to try one like that.)