My First Cable!

I am working on my first cable project…I am so excited…

I do have one question though…

Do large cables like that have holes? It isn’t as bad as it sounds…they are not visible…but between the cross overs…I can get my fingers between the front and back…is that right? I can’t imagine it being any other way…but I always thought that cables were solid…?

There are two cross overs…each where you pull 7 sts behind or in front and then continue on then knit off the cable needle…

Either way…excited!!!

Yes! Actually, I ripped out my first couple of cable attempts trying to rid myself of that hole—but as you continue knitting, it sort of evens out, and by the time you’re a few rows further along, it’s not really there anymore.

(If you still have an obvious hole afterwards, then you might need to tighten up your stitches a bit—but in the normal course of events, it’s there to begin with)

I love that scarf pattern. Cables are so much fun.

Trying a smaller cable needle or a different type may help. I find I have less problem with the J-shaped cable needles in a size a bit smaller than my needle.

I made the Yarn Harlot’s Unoriginal Hatout of bulky yarn, so basically all the stitches (especially the cables) were like that to an extent if I stretched out the hat. I definitely wouldn’t worry about it. Finishing and blocking do wonders for bits you’re not ecstatic about. Don’t forget to post pics! :thumbsup:

I think the holes are just a part of life when the number of stitches - 7 in your cable - is that many.

On a cable where you are crossing 2 stitches behind/in front of 2, the holes are not so noticable.

Yes, huge honkin’ cables like the ones you are doing [CONGRATS on becoming a cabler! This is one of the proofs you are entering Expert Knitter territory] do have to have holes.

Let’s think about it. One half of your sts need to cross over the other half within 1 action. When you only have 2 sts crossing, the “hole” for those 2 sts needs to only handle… 2 sts. Not noticeable, right?

So now let’s do 7 sts crossing over 7 sts. Again these 7 sts need to cross all at once. Now the “hole” must be big enough to allow 7 sts to go through. Now you’re talking larger holes simply because they must handle 7 sts over 7 sts instead of 2 over 2.

Let’s consider the size of needle you’re using. A smaller needle, say size 3, gives you smaller sts. So the 7 over 7 would need a small, size-3 stitches hole to handle those 7 sts.

A larger needle size, say 11, gives you noticeably larger sts. So… yep, you’re right. 7 larger size-11 sts need larger size-11 hole to handle those cabled sts.

Does this make sense? Have I proven to you that your “holes” are normal and part of your overall pattern?

Hope this helps,

Thank you all…I feel much better about those invisible holes!

I am just so happy to be cableing…Many ppl have told me how easy it is, and really…it is easy! And very satisfying to see on in the finished project…it looks like a lot more work then it really is!

That’s a really cool pattern! I have yet to move on to cables, but this is def one I’d like to try out as well! That’d also be cool if they had something similar in a cloak.

yay, you’re definitely progressing,Crycket! my goals for 2008 were:socks and cables–have made 8 pairs of socks and the 9th pair is almost done)and 2 of them had cables–even figured out how to go back and correct a messed-up cable-(made me feel really clever!) 2009 goal(s): learn how to knit from a chart, and Fair Isle,which probably is only 1 goal–? linknit41


Congrats on mastering your fear of cables!

I love, love, love cables! I’m invariably drawn to patterns with cables. Each time, I promise myself no more projects with cables for a while, but then guess what? The next cast on is for something with cables! :teehee:

That is really a neat scarf! Please post pictures when done.

I love cables. They are addicting. :mrgreen:

What a nice scarf!

Congratulations on tackling the challenge, now you know cables really aren’t hard! I’m addicted to them too. I just started a headband, and the pattern I chose has a woven cable.