My first cable

I finished it finally, my first cable:cheering:
The first one is right after blocking… the second is with my hubby modeling it :slight_smile:

Good for you :woohoo:. You did an awesome job. Hubby looks handsome and pleased modeling your creation.:thumbsup:

It looks great ! hubby looks very happy with it :slight_smile:

You did a great job!!

That came out great! :yay:

Beautiful job! And your hubby looks very pleased as well!

it looks great! I am anxiously anticipating my first cable…

:happydance: Great job!!!

Good job, it looks great!

:muah: Looks great. I like doing cables. They keep you alert.

Isn’t it great to knit something for someone you love, and they love what you knit? Very nice scarf, and your DH looks very nice also.

awww that looks great!!! hopefully you won’t become addicted to cables like me!

WOW your scarf looks great !! I started my first cable project (irish hiking scarf) in the car today on the way back from vacation…

It looks super, great job!

Great job!! Your DH looks very handsome in it :o)

Great job! I can’t wait to knit my first irish hiking scarf!

It looks great! Nice work!

Looks great. That brown really looks good.

The scarf is great! Your hubby looks very pleased.