My first blanket!

My best friend is getting married in a month - so I decided to knit her an afgan for her wedding gift! I’m so tickled with it! I keep showing it to everyone who walks in my house.

Just one of those “I rock” moments.

Ok, so I can make a blanket, but I can’t post a picture. Whatever… I still rock.

:?? Maybe it was the wrong size? It has be 500 pixels or smaller horizontally and 256 kb or less.

try posting the pic again, I’d love to see it.

Yes, Please try againl…we really wanna see it!

ok… please repost… go to… (i had trouble the first time i tried posting cause everything was too big)

i’ve never knit a blanket, it seems just a daunting task (and a HUGE commitment which apparently i have issues with)… so please, i’d love to see your first blanket! (i need the inspiration)

Thanks for the support and website… lets try this again…

It worked! That’s a great website!

The blanket was SO easy. Here’s the link to the pattern:

awww its beautiful! :cheering:

blankets are such a large task, im in aweof anyone who completes one. ill be working on mine forever, it seems.

I’m telling you guys - this one is SO easy and quick. I just sat down and knit 6 rows (the pattern was just a repeat of 6 rows) each night. I was done in about a month - it would have been done quicker but the Blanket was wool and I don’t have AC and it’s been in the 90s in our house. Not fun.


I just starting making this blanket for my dad yesterday! Yours looks great.

ok… that’s all the inspiration i needed… what an AWESOME blanket… and as a bride to be i can tell you, i’d be absolutely TOUCHED if i were to receive a hand-knitted blanket… what a WONDERFUL GIFT!!! and you did a kick@ss job!!!


So pretty!

Worth the wait! Very nice!

Very lovely!!! Man I am going to have to get a move on one for me!!

Oh, wow, how gorgeous. She’s going to be thrilled when she opens your gift.

And yes…you do Rock!! :rofl:

That’s beautiful! How many skeins of yarns did you use? The pattern is on the list for my next project - it will be a Christmas gift for our friend.

Eight skeins… I think the blanket uses just over 7 and then the fringe is the rest. Though… now that I think of it - it may have been nine skeins.