My First Big Stash Heist :o)

I was in HEAVEN today when what do I find at a local fabric store but Lion Brand Wool Ease for 25 cents a skein?!?..that’s right, 4 for $1!!! Some others were a mere 60% off, I got a few of those too, but all that green (except chunky wool) and beige was 4/$1

Well, needless to say my little cart was FILLED to the brim.

As a relative newbie my stash is pretty pitiful, not much at all except TOO MUCH Red Heart. LOL! I really needed this!

Did I mention I’m happy?!?

Oooops, pic didn’t upload, here it is.

Is that magic Stripe on the bottom? It looks like the colrs my DD wanted for her socks, but I never could find.

Good job on the stash!

Yes, it is, and they were $1/ea at Hancock in my area today.

I had NO idea what to make with them, but thought I’d try some socks.

sweet puppy … great haul!!:woohoo:

what’s that odd ball of light blue? it’s pretty.

It’s Lion Brand Cashmere. Only one they had, but had plenty of it in white. Just bought it to see what I could do with it.

Also 60% off!:happydance:

Go there, and take your yarn. You will have socks in no time. :hug:

Congrats on the haul!:woohoo:I remember the first time I got a great find on something other than red heart (which I think a lot of us have a stash of somewhere) You have enough there to make a nice sweater I think! Thanks for posting the pics too, I love pics!

Thanks! That’s Corporal Cricket in my first Irish Hiking Scarf

Thanks, I already made my first socks thanks to Silver.

That teal is simply delicious… Oh the things I could make with that… Jealous :slight_smile:

Im so embarassed, :oops:

Sometimes there is a pattern for a hat/scarf combo on the Magic Stripe ball band.

No need to be embarrassed, silly! Silver’s sock class
is awesome! I couldn’t have made my first without it!

the lion cashmere is really soft- I made scarf and hat from the “one skein” book with mine. (the scarf was crochet) What a great haul!

OMG! :passedout: Share the wealth! Please, please, please!!! :flirt: Which Hancock’s did you go to??? Me and DH might have to take a field trip tomorrow!!!

great steal Lu!

Don’t bother going to the closest one (Conroe), I cleaned them out. :happydance:You’ll have to find another :smiley: I went to and searched for stores that way.

I will share the wealth if you do ;)…I went to Yahoo Maps and searched by business name (see this map for our area). I came up with 13 of them! I will hit the College Station store (where mom lives) as soon as I can!

I have to take my mom to the downtown medical center tomorrow and plan on hitting a couple more, will share with you if I hit it big again. Perhaps you can try to hit different ones and do the same for me ;). I plan to stop at 4 stores (on the map (2nd link) I plan to go to #s 9, 10, 11 & 8, in that order…wish me luck!!! - Actually, the #s change every time I see the map for some reason, so here are the street names of the ones I’m going to: 2 on 1960, Westheimer and Bissonet (in that order, from NW to SE of town)

If you go to some of the others perhaps we can share our finds?!? :wink:

Good luck!

DH emailed me and said I could sell some on eBay

He has a lot to learn! LOL!

Great bargains