My first big project!

I’m really excited with how this is coming along and i wanted to share. It’s my first baby blanket and first big project in general. Besides this i’ve only knit a garter stitch scarf for my BF which he says he’ll wear haha. so here it is, my first blanket so far!

It’s really cute!

If you resave in jpg format you can get it to show up here which will get you more views and comments. :thumbsup: Click the link in my signature if you need help.

thanks jan! here it is again :slight_smile:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! It is cute. Which yarn did you use?

That looks great! :thumbsup:

Looks great ! I like blankets in white :slight_smile:

Looks great. You should feel very pleased with yourself.

Lookin’ good! That’s a big jump from a scarf to a blanket, but it looks like you’re handling the big project quite well. The picture is a little small to see the detail; what is the pattern?


thanks everyone :slight_smile: im starting to feel really good about this especially since pretty much all of you have a lot more experience than i do!

the pattern is simple, its this one

and i’m using Bernat Satin in Banana. I’m not usually a fan of yellow but this one is such a nice light yellow

its beautiful, very pretty indead :thumbsup:

Sweet. It looks like it is coming along well.

Looks very nice! :slight_smile:

Looks really pretty, and a good one for jury duty next time I’m called.

I’m sitting here wishing I could ‘pet’ the blanket and yarn, it looks so soft.

You are doing a great job!!!

The blanket is turning out well!


You have every right to feel proud. Great Job on your 1st big project!

You did a GREAT job!! That’s quite a step up from a garter stitch scarf! Congrats!

You did a great job. I loved the pattern so much I copied it from your link (and thanks for providing same) as the second great grandchild is due in April and I am getting patterns together. I hope I can do as great a job on mine as you have. Banana shade yellow sounds delightful. :thumbsup:

Great job!:thumbsup: