My first big FO & WIP

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Ok, I haven’t been around for a while…I’ve been sorting through some “stuff” but I’m back and look at what I’ve been doing!!

The Irish Hiking Scarf was supposed to be for my Dad for Christmas, but, well…you know how it goes. It is a soft charcoal gray. I used Caron Simply Soft. Finished…it measures 6ft.

The Palindrome is for my Mom…also for Christmas:shrug: I LOVE how this is working out. I also used Caron Simply Soft for this and the color is a perfect match for her coat. I’m excited about finishing it for her…luckily she doesn’t want 6ft of scarf…oi:thud:

I have to say that the feeling of accomplishment is AMAZING.


I’m sure they will be delighted to get them whenever they do…as they say better late than never!! I gave my Mom beautiful wool for a sweater on her birthday…TWO YEARS ago and all I’ve done is the swatch!

Anyway, I love both the scarves and the colors are beautiful!!:cheering:


They came out great!! i love the colors you chose.

They’re beautiful! You should feel like you accomplished something!

The scarves are lovely and i think your parents will treasure them for a long time.

Both are beautiful!!

Wow! Excellent job - congrats!

:cheering: Great job! Now you have to edit your signature - because SOMEDAY is here!

:yay: they look great!

Beautiful job!!

Very nice!!

Great job! Feels good to finish something doesn’t it?

Yes it does!!! Thank you for encouraging me to finish…lol…I think at one point I had 4 projects going at the same time.

Scarfs! Perfect year-round in Michigan! Especially since it has been known to snow in April!! :wink:

Great job!

They are both lovely. How great your parents will feel wrapped in those scarves made by your loving hands.

Good job on both of your scarves! They look great!