My First Bear

I knitted this for the Mother Bear Project-
I have never knitted a toy or made a toy of any kind. It was rather fun. This only took a few days to make all together. The worst was the seaming. I plan to make a few more before I send it off.

This is a good photo but the picture doesn’t do it justice. My kids really like it.

Oh, and I’m not that good at embroidery but I think the face is okay.

Wow! It’s just so cute!

Oh how cute is that!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: I made this bear but I just made it plain. How did you do the skirt? :??

How did you do the skirt? Scratching Head

I followed the pattern for the Mother Bear Project as printed in Knitting for Peace. Normally if you want to participate in this project you have to purchase the pattern. The pattern is very similar to a free one I’ve seen. Anyway at the bottom of the the shirt part of the bear I picked up 28 stitches, purled, then on the next knit row I had to increase 1 stitch in each stitch then after that I just knit in the established pattern and made the hem per the instructions. The process was repeated on the back, the bear is knitted flat.

Thanks for the nice comments.

What a sweet bear and a wonderful project! I just read more about it and ordered my pattern!

That is soooo cute!

Wonderful job!

Nice job, darling bear, wonderful project! :heart:

Love the skirt!
I knit up “Bitsy Bear” for a friend’s daughter for Christmas:

I love it!! My girls would totally love me to knit them some bears and babies!

Great job! My first one wasn’t good enough to send. The seams were all wonky (because I didn’t read about seaming before I did it) and it ended up looking more like a cat than a bear. :shrug:

The pattern is available for free on DIY Network’s website. Mother Bear pattern.

Wow, I didn’t know that pattern was posted. But I don’t have expanded cable, so I don’t watch the Knitty Gritty, :frowning: so I don’t visit their site…

The posted pattern is the same pattern I have but it just tells one way to knit the bear, in the book, where I got the pattern, or perhaps in a purchased pattern, it suggests variations such as knitting the legs all in garter stitch- so a shorter bear, or doing the whole bear in stockingnette- a taller bear, or adding a stitch pattern of choice to the shirt and arms. But in all cases knitting the same number of rows the pattern calls for and following the same basic pattern.

I’m in the middle of my second bear just now, a totally different looking bear than the first. You all are going to be tired of seeing my bears…

That is really cute. I have my eye on several toy projects, too. Nice inspiration!