My first bargain yarn!

I went to a carboot sale on Sunday and got my first bargain yarn! 3 small bag of it for £3. Nice stuff too I think, so I thought I’d post some pictures up here and get your expert opinions! What do you think and have you any suggestions on what to do with it??

There’s 10 balls of the Cotton Top, 9 of the Esprit and 26 of assorted baby stuff :cheering:

5 balls of the baby yarn are dirsty and stained but I thought I’d knit that up into something simple and see if it will wash…is that the right thing to do?

w :inlove: w !what a great deal! congrats! i would probably gently wash& dry the dirty yarn before knitting w/it…yay you :cheering:

great find!! lucky you!! :slight_smile:

what a great find! I would as well try to wash the dirty yarn before trying a project with it. you would hate to see that it was a stain after doing the whole thing :wall:

Wow! What a great stash boost, and awesome deal!!! :notworthy:

So handwash the dirty yarn then? Maybe a soak first? I’m such a yarn novice! :oops: