My first ballband dishcloth!

I bought yarn tonight, to make a ballband dishcloth. I have seen too many pictures and couldn’t picture how the pattern made the bricks! LOL! I also wondered what the back looked like, too! It’s really an easy pattern and I got so far, just tonight! I can’t believe I’ve never come across this pattern before!:woot:

Great pattern that shows blue and yellow do indeed make green appear! :slight_smile: I came back to edit because i saw that the ball of yarn had all 3 colours… I had only concentrated on the cloth when I first looked. LOL. Sorry

I want to try one of these, it looks but it doesn’t look easy.

I found a pattern on pattern central, would that be the best one to try?


I wondered whether this was a copyright issue but I suspect the pattern has been around for a while and is now just associated with that yarn. Here is a pattern:

I agree that this is, really, an easy pattern. I like the yarn you selected. The colors work quite well together!

I love how the yellow ‘disappears’ a bit. The first thing it reminded me of was the beginning of the yellow brick road. (yes i realize that it doesn’t look anything like that, but that is what I thought of)

Isn’t that a great pattern? You’ve got a great start. I’ve done quite a few ball bands.

I have been on and was also inspired by all of them and I have started one but I am wondering what the back looks like?:think: Could you please post a picture of the back?

I took a picture of the front and the back tonight! They do look different!

Thank you! Now I have a idea of what it should look like when I finish it!

That [U]is[/U] a nice pattern. It looks like a fun pattern to watch develop. Love the colors.

I love the ballbands! :cheering: Bright colors work awesome on this. I actually fell for it because it’s featured in the Mason-Dixon knitting book. Those gals have a fun blog. The pattern is originally found inside the ball band of Elmore-Pisgah “Peaches & Creme” yarn. Same stuff as the Lily Sugar & Creme. Walmart sells the P & C. The website has TONS of colors!!! FYI… in case someone already mentioned all this…I kinda blab before reading first :teehee:

Very nice…thanks for sharing the pictures!!


It is an easy knit, isn’t it. And it’s easy to remember the pattern too! And guess what!? It’s a terrific dishcloth when it’s done! Mine is my favorite of all the ones I’ve made. It’s thick but not too thick. :woot:It’s even attractive in a single colour, if anyone wants to test drive the pattern first. I used a variegated yarn and it’s gorgeous! Must knit more! After the socks… samm

Thanks, everyone! It was fun to knit. I finished it yesterday, and took a picture, but never got around to downloading the pictures. I will do it tomorrow.

Now I’m doing a Diamond Drop Lace pattern, from the mid-April monthly KAL and it’s driving me crazy. I have to pay so much attention to what I’m doing, or it doesn’t work out! Argh.

Here is the picture of my finished ballband cloth. I think it would be cool to make another one and switch the colors around. Then the variegated yarn would be the “mortar” and the yellow would be the “bricks.”

Very nice! I love the blue/green “fadeaway”. It looks great, and very functional too!

I love it!! This is such a fun pattern!! I have these exact colors in my stash-I just made one with turquoise “mortar” and fiesta “bricks”-its so bright and fun! I have to make more <grin>

Thanks for sharing yours! I may have to try this combo next!