My first baby topdown raglan!

I feel dumb showing this after seeing all the beautiful work ya’ll do and some of you are NEW to this compared to me. I have a new grandaughter–she’s 2 months old now–and I know she wont be able to wear this til she’s a year old but here it is anyway!:wink:

The pattern is off a website–I’ll try to find out which later, and I used Bernat Softee Baby , as it recommended and size 4 needles for the body and size 2 for the ribbing.THe little buttons a pearl hearts

How pretty!!!
And congrats on the new little bundle. She’s going to look so sweet in that. Good work.

Very sweet! She will grow into it before you know it. You did a great job. :heart:

I think it’s this one;

You did a great job on it! It’s adorable!

It’s lovely. You’ll have such a glow feeling when the little poppet can wear it :slight_smile:

Thanks all–and you ,Jan–are one of the queens of the baby sweaters for charity around here–thank you so much!! I love your Baby Surprise Jackets so much, but I had a problem following the directions–I may have to chat with you about that!
I tried to edit my first post and add a pic of Katherine, but it wouldn’t let me, so I’m putting her here!!:wink:

Very sweet :slight_smile: Does she look like her dad or her mum more at this stage?

Funny–they both think she looks like me! She has a little round face and pointed chin and so far, blue eyes , like I did when I was a baby–so we’ll see. I HOPE she is a mix of her mom and dad–she’ll be beautiful!:star:

:slight_smile: Some said my son looked more like my grandfather at a particular age. Interesting. Lovely bubba…

Have you been encouraged to try other items for her now or will your next FO be something for yourself?

[INDENT]Beautiful sweater AND baby:heart:[/INDENT]

Awwww, she is so cute and the sweater will look just scrumptious on her! Don’t ever apologize for your work. No matter how simple or complex, it is your work, your craft and you should be proud of it! You did a wonderful job!

My dil called me a couple days ago to thank me for her birthday presents and said my new grandson, who is 6 weeks old as of last Sunday has already grown out of newborns and most of his 3 month and he is in 6 month. I made him these little knitted overalls and she said she put them on him a couple days ago and he looked really cute in them, but she didn’t think they would fit very long! lol

Congrats on the grandbaby, aren’t they just the greatest???

Susan–oh yes!! I’m already starting another raglan sweater for Katherine!! Maybe I can get guage on this–I’m using a DK yarn called Peru Luxury DK–I got it from–it’s just a natural cream color, and it’s wonderfully soft–I started to do the first one with it–but I wanted to try it on a cheaper yarn to start with! SO, now I’m getting busy with that. I also want to do a topdown cardi from my wonderful dil–Katherine’s mom, and I’m working on a log cabin blankie for Katherine’s big brother (almost 3!!), and I am going to try the Kid’s “Nothing But A Tee-Shirt On” (pattern at, I believe.) I’ve printed so many free patterns off the net, I need to file them in alphabetical order!:teehee:

Thanks, Ginny!

ANd Nonnie–thanks–yes, grandchildren are the very best things God ever gave us!! We can take them, and then give them back to their parents when we get tired and need a break!! I KNOW why younger people should have kids! :teehee: I [B]really am proud [/B]of the sweater–I didn’t think I could do one in the round, but I didn’t want to have to do seaming, so I tried it. It took me several weeks–not working on it exclusively, though–but I saw where someone did one in a few HOURS! I’m just not a fast knitter, and this was the first piece I’ve done in Continental, which I’m enjoying–except for purling–that’s kinda wonky!:doh:

I don’t know when I’ll make something for me–it takes so much yarn to make an adult sweater, and mine would be a large, so even more!! I’ve got some wool put away, though, for when I think I’m ready to do myself a cardi!:wink:

Thanks to all of you for commenting and encouraging–that’s the wonderful thing about KH!!

The baby and the sweater are adorable. Thanks to Jan for posting the link for the pattern. I now have that one on my list.


I just read the whole thread and saw further down that you are proud of your sweater. You certainly should be! :cheering: It turned out great. We all love a simple pattern.

Your granddaughter is cute too. Isn’t it fun to have a baby to knit for. Baby things are my favorite. You spoke about all the yarn it takes for an adult sweater. That is the truth. I think that is one of the reasons I like baby things so much. I can afford to make them. :lol: My youngest daughter is expecting her first baby and we haven’t had a baby in the family for a while. The other grands are from 6-14 years old. So I’m inspired. :wink:


Hi! :waving:

Love the icy pink color! What a darling sweater! You should be very proud of your work! Kudos!!! :thumbsup:

Nice Job

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=4]Trudy! Congratulations!:cheering::cheering:

What a sweetie katherine is oh my gosh. sooooo pretty. That little pink sweater is just gorgeous. What a fine job you did. The buttons are a nice touch too. :thumbsup:

Very cute…!:heart:

Thanks to everyone for all the comments–the affirmation we get here at KH helps me keep on with the keeping on!! Sometimes when I have to unravel half a sweater when I see a glaring mistake, I think, “I may never try this again!” But–then I come back here, read the posts, look at somemmore FO’s and take up the needles again, thinking, “I KNOW I CAN!! I KNOW I CAN!” (And if I can’t, then Amy’s videos or someone at the forum will steer me in the right direction.:cheering:

Awww she’s a cutie pie!

Re: BSJ… consider joining the Yahoo forum for the BSJ and also try this site. I’ll help if I can, too.