My first attempt at dying sock yarn

Ok. I got this idea today that even though I feel miserable I wanted to dye my sock yarn. The urge was just driving me crazy…so I did IT! :cheering:

I used the sock yarn I received last summer during the summer swap and koolaid which was also included from my swap partner.

I hope the sections are large enough so the color will be displayed, but either way I’m happy about it. The colors are so bright! I can’t wait until it finishs drying so I can see what it looks like wound up!

The pictures are on my blog, I took quite a few and didn’t want to “Flood” ya’ll here :slight_smile:


If anyone has any suggestions/improvements please feel free to tell me!!

So did you handpaint each colour section??

I love it, it looks great and reminds me of those bright tie-dyed shirts from the 70’s.

I used a spoon actually. Just put it in sections and pressed the spoon down to try to keep it from getting too much dye in one spot!


:heart:so pretty! good job. btw- love the jitterbug colorway you are using too:inlove:

that yarn is definitely going to make some gorgeous socks! nice and bright. you did a great job! :thumbsup: :cheering:

Thank you, it’s nice to hear some encouraging words!


Ooooo, I can’t wait to see pics of it knitted up!

What fabulous colors! That’ll look beautiful in a hank (or, of course, in socks!).