My first attempt at cables

I just finished this scarf. It was my first attempt at cables…thanks for looking…



I would love to look at it. But for some reason when I click on the address it doesn’t go anywhere.

I always have trouble with this…I will try again

okay…trying again

and another…I hope

the scarf looks great!!

Great job! The first time I tried cables I had to rip out the first inch about 6 or 7 times. You did lovely!:yay:

I think it looks great - it only gets easier from here. Good job!

Very nice, looks like a Montana sky on a spring morning.

Very nice!! It’s such a pretty color, too!

Looks great!

Beautiful!! Nice color it’s my DG favorite color.

that looks great–don’tcha just love cables!! By far, Cables are my favorite thing to knit.

REALLY good work…:slight_smile:

It looks great!

concentrate when I do them.

Your scarf looks great!