My first and second project

Credit to this site. You made this possible that I finally completed my project #1 and 3/4 way done with project #2 !

#1 - socks: made from Silver’s tutorial ! :thumbsup:

#2 - scarf
Here is the pattern; the pattern says to use 1 ball but I think they meant 2 balls because when using up 1 ball, the scarf is half way done. I bought the yarn they recommanded and the color is 207 (navy).

I finally got the photos showing

The socks are beautiful - I’m awed that you chose socks as your first project! I also love that scarf - the color and pattern are stunning!!!

I don’t know…mine posted fine from photobucket.

Someone with this photo knowledge will be along shortly…we want to see your pics!

You see the photos, Sara?! I don’t see anything except the code…

me neither

Sarah might have copied and pasted the link to the browser address…
I had the same problem last time posting my “cone hat” but someone fixed. I don’t know what to do to fix :??

Yes, that is what she did, I just did that too. You just copy the link between the [img], open up a new browser window and paste into that. I don’t know how to fix it so you can see them in the post though. Beautiful scarf–love the color–do tell what yarn used and where you got the pattern please!

I also want to try socks as my first project, with all the cool colored yarns out there!

You need to link to the image - not the page. The URL for the image for the socks is:

So that would be

And the other is:

ROFL that didn’t work either - perhaps Yahoo doesn’t allow direct linking. Just upload them into the post here - use the attach button below the text box to load them in =D

:oops: I did copy and paste

Here is picture 1

Here is picture 2

I can’t figure out why the [IMG] isn’t working - I can’t get it to work either! I wonder if it has something to do with yahoo??? Anyone?

Beautiful! Keep up the good work!

I absolutely love that scarf!! Beautiful work!!

Great work…I am so in love :inlove: with your scarf :smiley:

The color is actually tricky with the Sony IS2S digicam. Maybe that’s why all my ebay items sold a better prices than they deserved :wink:

They look great, totally in love with that scarf!

WOW!! I love your scarf! What great projects, You really plunged in with both feet! (no pun intended ;))

Is one ball meant for a baby size perhaps? :??

Is one ball meant for a baby size perhaps? :??[/quote]

I am making a babysize, the exactly same size the pattern is written for.

those are very impressive! what patterns did you use for them?

socks: made from Silver’s tutorial video

scarf :