My first afghan

I finished knitting my first afghan in November. I gave it to my mom. She is very forgiving of all my mistakes. I definately got better as I went.

I’ll try to post this pic again. I got the pattern from the Leisure Arts (little book) called "Beginner’s Guide KNIT STITCHES & Easy Projects.

Oh, it’s lovely Jan! I love the lace pattern. Beautiful work. :thumbsup:

What a cute afghan! I like the color a lot!

Pretty! Congrats.

That’s beautiful! It sure does not look like your first! My first did not even have straight edges on the sides… yours is really wonderful! Congratulations!

Your afghan is beautiful. You did a great job.

Very pretty!

Welcome to Knitting Help, by the way, always happy to see a new face!

Thank you for all the positive comments. I’ve been looking through this section of the forum and I can see I’m in awsome company. Thanks again.

Wow!! Beautiful afghan! Love that pattern AND color!! GREAT JOB!

It looks great and I am sure your Mom loves it.

Wow, it’s beautiful! Love the color. What a great gift.

Yes, that’s a pretty one! Very impressive for your first time. I’ll have to look for that pattern.

That’s beautiful!!

Good name btw… hehe :teehee:

Lovely gift for your mom. It looks beautiful.

That’s very pretty!! I can’t believe it’s your first-well done :thumbsup:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Beautiful… so love the colour and the design!:inlove:

That’s gorgeous! Great work :thumbsup:

Looks fantastic! Especially for a first!

great job and i can do it to!!!