My first

Is THAT a word…

saw someone at school today with a sweater that HAD to be hand knit…cuz it had this AWSOME fringe neck…I snagged her, and said…“i’m a knitter…can I see how that was DONE???”

The cuffs were garter stitch as well as the neck. And THEN…at each stitch…or every other one, they attached multiple strands in fringe style. It was very lion mane looking!!! pretty pastel varigated yarn.

The yarn was a heavy cotton yarn, and she said it was VERY warm. :slight_smile:

just had to share…lol…

(I really CAN spell…my fingers just go way to fast)…I think I finally fixed all the errors…ugg…

Sure, accosted is a word. :wink: That sounds like a neat sweater!

I hate being so attracted to knitting sometimes, I had one of DH’s relatives over, and she looked at me kind of funny… I was wondering what was up, until I realized… she had seen me staring at her sweater trying to figure out the stitch pattern!! :roflhard: I told her what was wrong with me, and she was cool with it, but I could see the “what a wierdo” in her eyes… :blush:

I got caught staring at the girl next to me in class today because her sweater was just so fascinating. I think she thought I was staring at her chest. :shifty:

I’ve been caught doing this too. :rollseyes: Whaddaya say? I mean I say “Oh I was just looking at your sweater” but she didn’t believe me. :doh:

I do that all the time, too. I don’t know if anyone’s noticed. :thinking: Maybe that’s why they walked away so fast!! :roflhard:

I’ve been doing this a lot lately too! But fortunately it’s been at work, and most people know I knit, so all I have to say is that I’m looking at the stitch pattern of a cardigan, sweater, etc., and it’s like, oh, ok.

I have started doing this too or just getting my sweaters out for fall I’m like I know what that is now!! Also if someone is wearing something on tv I totally miss what they are saying trying to figure out if it was hand knitted… Thank goodness for Tivo and rewind!! :rollseyes:

As a matter of fact lol I was flipping before I went to WV and this lady on the this talk show caught my eye so I backed tracked couldn’t even tell ya what the show was about just that regret not hitting REC… You know those sweater that have the fold down up top at the neck and you can pull them over your shoulders? Like this hope this works

Well all it had was the arms and the part that goes across the shoulders then she was wearing a tank under it… really liked it but never could tell if it was hand knit or what… :thinking:

I have been caught doing this, too. I am sure some women think that I am a lesbian, as I find necklines and open collars the most interesting. No big deal, I’d rather them think that I was a lesbian than a psycho!

Oooh, Dustina… have you seen this? Cleaves

ohhhh no I hadn’t seen that Thank you :thumbsup:

Ohhhh… I have a friend that would LOVE that Cleaves pattern (after I knit it for her of course).