My finished orange cardigan with scarf

Hello all,
I want to show you one of my last finished cardigan with scarf, is started from an original idea and its my own design, done with crochet… hope you will like it :cheering:

Resized image:

Link to full size image:

(sorry for bad english)

Really pretty!


It’s lovely and so smart of you, your own design!!! You should be very proud of yourself!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

It is just beautiful. What lovely details and the color is smashing. Congratulations on a fine crocheted garment. :yay:

It’s beautiful!

I’ve sent you a PM regarding photo sizes.

That is so very gorgeous!!! I love everything about it. And am extremely jealous that you designed it!! Tillie

That’s really nice, I like the pattern and the fact that you made a matching scarf, is it attached?

Rosy, I just went and looked at your blog. Your crocheted pieces are all just lovely.

beautiful, what a great pattern.

I LOVE it!

That’s a beautiful sweater and scarf. Your crochet is lovely! :cheering:


Thanks much to all of you for your beautifull comments cloud9
Debkcs, scarf is separated from cardigan, I will post an image of separated cardigan and scarf in this days and thanks for your comment for the others works… glad liked them too :cheering:

Gorgeous!! and what a beautiful color!! Congrats on your own design - that’s just awesome!

Really like it. I love the color, wish that color looked good on me!

I love it! Orange is one of my favorite colors! It’s so bright! Great job, well done!

That us really pretty! I love the lacy stitch!

LOVE it!

:yay: love it! Great job


How perfectly stunning! It’s gorgeous Rosy!!

Very beautiful! And I love this color. :yay: