My finished eyelet dishcloth

Just thought I would post pictures of my eyelet dishcloth. The yarn is peaches & cream. I enjoyed working with it and intend to buy other colors to knit up dish/wash cloths to give as gifts.
They aren’t as pretty as others I have seen, but it’s the first time I have attempted this pattern (from Vogue Kniting Stitchionary, Vol.1. So I am pretty proud of it…:slight_smile: )

Wow, it looks great! I think it’s awesome that you found a pattern where you notice the eyelets and the variegated yarn - the yarn’s pattern doesn’t take away from the knit pattern! That’s really cool, and you did a wonderful job :thumbsup:

It looks just great!

Good job! That yarn is interesting too. Some variegated makes blotches and blobs of color but your size worked out perfect for nice stripes.