My felted bag made with my yarn swap

Here is the purse I made with the Noro I received from Beckyrae. I just love this yarn. :heart: I based it off of this pattern

Before felting…

After felting…I still need to add a couple of buttons. My flap is off center…uh…yeah…I meant to do that…yeah thats it :??

Thank you again Becky!! I’m now looking at some stuff to make with the first yarn you sent me…might do another purse.

That is soo cute! Great job!

Very nice!

That’s so cute :cheering:

yay! I love the way Noro looks when felted… its just so pretty.

I love it! Very, very pretty!

Love that purse. Love those colors.

I :heart: those colors!

Add a felted flower or a purchased pin beside the flap, and it will look perfect! (It will also hide the off-center thing you’re worried about!)

Carolina…I want to buy some really big buttons to put to the side and then one on the flap to tie it all together…I still might line it too.

Sounds nice! :thumbsup:

Very nice! If it is off center, I can’t tell at all.

Very nice!!! :cheering: