My favourite knit designer(s)?

Do you have a favourite knit designer, and why do you prefer him/her? I have several designers that I consider my favourite, like Marianne Isager, Jytte Slente, Elsebeth Lavold, and then of course the designers behind Dale collections and Sandnes Collections

These are all danish, swedish and norwegian designers, how familiar are you with scandinavian knit design in the US?

There are designs though that I could never here in Norway, thats why I buy so many books and patterns online from the US and UK :lol:

I have several of the Dale collections (knitting one now), and believe some Lavold, as well. I absolutely love the Sweaters from Camp book and have completed two of those sweaters. I also have done one and will do more from Feitelson’s Art of Fair Isle Kitting. Elizabeth Zimmerman’s book are a good read as well as good knitting information. If I listed all the books I own (I’m almost as bad about knitting books as I am about yarn), the world wide web wouldn’t have enough room!

I haven’t been knitting long enough to have a favorite designer, but I love the Elsebeth Lavold designs and plan to try some. I don’t even remember where I first saw these, but I especially love the designs in the Viking Knits Collection.

I hope some more people answer your question. I’m interested in seeing what everyone likes.

Welcome to the group! :waving:

Speaking of Elsebeth Lavold…I just checked out her Viking Patterns for Knitting from the library. It is different from the one you just mentioned. I love it!!! Now I’ll have to find the one you mentioned also.
Elizabeth Zimmerman is another favorite of mine, especially because I adore seamless knitting.

Trying not to hi-jack the post, but I have to say, yay for the library! :cheering: Of course I’m biased, but it always makes me happy to see how many knitters are getting good use out of their public libraries.

I like Joan McGowan-Michael. She’s got some really neat looking stuff.

I’m just finishing this one: Angelina Vintage Jacket
In this month’s Cast-On magazine, she has a really neat camisole: See #10 - SWEET SUMMER CAMISOLE

Okay…I can come no where even close to his stuff…but…just WOW…absolutely awe inspiring…knock your socks off…Kaffee Fassett…
here’s his site…he LOVES color …one day…it is my wish to knit one of his patterns…don’t know what …the more color the better…but I have a gazillion things to learn 1st!

OMG I am so impressed with Kaffee Fassett. Such beautiful designs. I will never get good enough to try any of his patterns but I can still really admire it. lou

Do I see a big Bulky Cardigan with a Collar in that Cast on???

I just looked at the review page but I don’t have the magazine yet but I am looking for a Bullky cardi/

I’m just finishing this one: Angelina Vintage Jacket
In this month’s Cast-On magazine, she has a really neat camisole: See #10 - SWEET SUMMER CAMISOLE[/quote]

We’ve got a wonderful designer here too.
She’s got some cool stuff.
Although, I can’t find her info… But, i’ve seen some of her things and it is good.
Maybe she’ll be nice enough to show us some of it!

Here’s Marnie’s page. And, she’s adorable to boot!

I just sent that Kaffe Fasset website to one of the past presidents of the organization for which I work. She’s gonna DIE over him!

I just saw her last week…she’s an 80yo wonderful lady originally from Wales. I saw her last week at an event we hosted. She is SO PROUD of my new hobby (is this still new for me? doesnt feel like it!) and she had asked me to bring my work for her to see…she was gushing over my Traveling Vines wrap…Its like I have a hundred Grandmothers where I work…LOVE EVERY ONE OF THEM! :heart:

THEN she brings out this fair isle sweater she has been working on…GAWD I wish I had my camera with me!!! This sweater had SIXTEEN colors in it, and the pattern was small, mulitcolored diamonds all over. Even the RIBBING at the bottom had several colors! I put my stupid scarf AWAY. I can’t even DESCRIBE this thing! She was in the middle of the last sleeve…she had already completed the steeks and everything. It made me wanna CRY. That’s how beautiful this thing was.

I don’t really have a favorite designer, but thanks for all the links. I really like that BØLGETOP tank on the Isager site.

I really like Dale. Always have. Infact, speaking of Dale…where can I find some patterns? Have any of you made some sweaters of theirs? Or are those a “make-your-own” pattern?

I do like Elisabeth Lavold’s design. I love some of her femenine designed tops. Just beautiful.

I have some Dale of Norway patterns. I got them at various places on line. I’m currently making one of the ski sweaters. There are lots of different styles that Dale puts out, from tanks to sweaters, kids and men, too. Come to think of it, I made a sweater last winter for my g’son from a Dale booklet.

I’ve seen a few places on line where I can purchase books, but I would like to see what is in the books. My favorite sweaters of Dale’s are the ski sweaters. I go “goo-goo” and “gaa-gaa” over them!
Ingrid, where did you get yours?

I wish I could tell you. I’ve ordered them at different times from different places. Some websites allow you to look at the pictures in the patterns and books they sell. I also can’t remember which. I’m sure someone was smart enough to make note. Some of the books at Amazon allow you to look through.

I’m making a sweater from the St. Moritz 2003 ski team. I liked the one that was made in tan and blues. I was going to substitute yarn for this, but I decided to buy the ones in the book and I LOVE the feel of the Falk. It’s superwash wool and feels so good in my hands.

I came back to edit this because as I suspected, everybody’s favorite KnitPicks allows you to look in the books they have.

I do like a lot of Melissa Leapmans stuff, have you seen her book released last fall, Hot Knits? Wonderful stuff!

Annie Modesitt has that great looking shrug on the cover of the current Vogue.

I pretty much like most of the regular contributing IK (Interweave Knits) designers too, like Ann Budd, Nancy Bush, Pam Allen, Melanie Falick, Teva Durham, Véronik Avery etc.

Oh and I can’t leave out Jo Sharp!

I’m way into Lavold at the moment - going to start one of her designs for this fall (not sure which one, though - have two of her pattern books now - what to choose!?!?!) :smiley:

I posted earlier that my fave was Kaffe Fassett…just love, love the designs…but, as I read back over this thread…I have no favorite! My goodness, I could no more pick a favorite designer than I could pick a favorite yarn! :wink: