My favourite Christmas present!

About a year ago, my honey was watching me knit and wanted to know how it worked, so I taught him how to knit. Then he went out and found yarn and some needles (hard job when I’m allergic to all animal fibres) and started to knit me a scarf for Valentine’s Day. Then it was for my birthday in March, then for our anniversary in September, and then for Christmas - but look, two days before Christmas - he cast off!!

It’s like getting a hug every time I put it on grin I’m so proud… now he wants something else to knit :yay:

That’s a really sweet story. I wish my BF would learn to knit.

It’s beautiful. If my DH made me something It would be my fav. present too.

:roflhard: If my DH knitted me something, I would never come out of my state of shock long enough to enjoy it!!!


No wonder it took your honey so long to knit your “scarf”, it looks more like a shawl! Very nice. It certainly does a good job of giving you a warm hug when you wear it.

My husband let me teach him to knit but not until our 40th anniversary. LOL

that is so thoughtful! My fiance doesn’t have the fine motor skills to knit! The scarf is quite nice, but the thought counts the most right? I mean even if it had been a total disaster, it still would have been adorable!

Gosh, so sweet he put in all that time and effort!! Yes, makes the gift all that more meaningful…

I will never teach my hubby to knit… he would lose all my stuff…

And he is much more amazed with what [I]I[/I] do… since he can’t do it himself!:wink:

That is so cool that he knit it for you! My dh is interested in the technicalness of knitting and likes to understand how all the different stitches work, but he could care less about the actual physicalness of knitting. He doesn’t get the whole textile tactileness of it at all.

Yup, that would be my fave gift too! How sweet!!