My Favorite Sock Pattern

My bro-in-law will get these for Christmas.

I’ve done this pattern for almost 50 years and have it by memory. It’s great.

What a nice gift! :thumbsup:

Those are lovely! I’ve been struggling with socks, even with Silver’s tutorial. Is the pattern an easy one?

They look great :happydance:

Nice! I would like to have seen the finished sock laid out a little straighter where we could see all its specialness better. :slight_smile: Love your yarn.

Do you play the harp?

Thanks. Yes to all questions.

Yes, I learned this pattern when I was 10 years old. Be happy to help out if you have any questions. Socks are really just 2 tubes connected by a heel… with one end shut off for toes. My hubby likes to wear thongs with socks (i.e., flip-flops) so I once knitted him a pair with like a “thumb” for the big toe. Worked out okay, looks totally weird!

And yes, I play the Celtic harp. In that photo, it was for one of my co-worker’s retirement function. Should see me in my goofy St. Patrick’s Day over-sized Irish hat.

What a lucky man!

I wish I could do a sock pattern by memory… I had a hard time doing one with a pattern…is your pattern easier that others?

Well, I don’t have much problem with the sock pattern. Turning the heel is the trick, but there are ways to fudge some if you goof up a tiny bit.

Once you’ve done one heel, you’ve got the basics down for most all the heels.

Be glad to help if you have any specific issues.