My Father's Explanation regarding Knitting Needles

Ummm . . . was he dropping a hint that he would like a new set of drill bits? :mrgreen::wink:

WHAT A GREAT DEFENSE, can’t wait to use it on DH!!!

LOL, that is exactly what I was going to say. :roflhard:

I think that’s a great explanation… I’m going to keep that one in my collection!

Nope! My Grandfather just moved out of their house and left a massive collection of tools that my father has just finished organizing and sorting. Which is probably why it came to mind! I really can’t think of a single tool my father needs since he’s got a work/hobby shop of most men’s dreams. And my mother is a painter and has an amazing studio :slight_smile:

My father thinks this kind of funny… and told me I should have told him I was going to post this first :aww: !