My Father's Explanation regarding Knitting Needles

Today my mother saw my wish list on the fridge. When she saw that I had “Options” listed, she asked what they were.

When I explained what they are, and that I think I’ll like them (might know soon Crossed Fingers) she asked why I needed more knitting needles as I have a lot of my Grandmother’s needles.

My father piped up in my defence…

“Well, its like drill bits. You never know what you are going to have to drill through, so its important that you have all sorts of drill bits so that when it comes time, you can drill the hole you need!”


Thanks Dad! [now why would a Financial Speaker use that analogy?]

I love it and am going to use it as my excuse from this day forward as to why I need so many different sizes and kinds of needles.

It’s true! I have drill bits for lots of different projects…and [I]needles [/I]for lots of different projects, too! Right on, Dad!

Absolutely true!!
In fact, that’s how I justified the purchase with my husband. I told him they were the “tools” I needed.

Luckily he’s a tool junkie and bought it!! :wink:

I use the tool justification myself. :rofl:

LOL! Great and correct explanation!

RE needles…before I knit I went to a garage sale of a friend of my mom’s. His elderly mother had passed away and there were TONS of needles of every size…many duplicates of the same size…I couldn’t understand WHY would you need more than one set of size 10s or whatever. Now I know!..OTNs…:teehee:

What an excellent justification!! I’ll have to remember that one :rofl:




I love it! Such a good excuse for owning more needles!

:roflhard: Too funny… and true! :shifty: :teehee:

I think you may have opened up a whole new avenue of communication between me and my dad. I might even be able to convince him to buy me a set of Options for Christmas this year! He did buy me a cordless drill last year, so I’ve got that one covered. :teehee:

Hee! I love this, I can’t wait to tell my Dad :mrgreen:

Now he’ll feel compelled to buy me a set of Options for Christmas as well!

Thanks for the giggle :teehee:

I’ll have to show my Dad the reaction to his comment, he’ll just be tickled pink!

:slight_smile: Thanks all of you!

Such a wise Papa you have!

Such a wise papa you have!

You have a very wise Papa!

My DH has quite a collection of drill bits and other tools, so that was my automatic justification.


Yup this is what I just told myself as I bought the Options this weekend. :slight_smile:

:cheering:Yeah to your Dad. That’s the perfect analogy!:thumbsup: I’ll have to use that one on my dad (although he still gets knitting and crocheting confused :teehee:)