My Fake Isle Hat!

So this was my first attempt at Fair Isle knitting. It ended up being too big (I should have measured my head lol) so I felted it a bit and threw it in the dryer to shrink it up a bit.

I’m loving Fair Isle - I thought it was going to be a horrible, painful experience, but after the first few rows it really flew and was quite easy. Next up, the Center Square hat from Knitty :D.


Ooooooh - I really like that. Love your color choices. You did a super job. I have yet to attempt Fair Isle anything.

That looks really great! Very impressive for the first Fair Isle project!

Thanks :D.

Wooo that is sure bright! Great job on it!

awesome–I love it!

Thanks! The color is a little more muted in real life lol, but it is a bit on the bright side :D.

I like brights though :).

You did a geat job on that.

I may have to felt mine also if it ends up being too big. My gauge is right but it still looks big. Not done with it yet so really don’t know for sure…yet.

It looks so beautiful! I really love your MC - what type of yarn is it? Really rich, incredibly color! Great job on the fair isle :smiley:

I really like it! Such a great colour choice, very vibrant and lively :cheering:

Thanks everyone!

ooooh, lovely -those colors are so pretty together! It looks great felted, too, btw!