My fair isle jazz disappointment!

Well I spent a solid day knitting on “fair isle jazz” from Scarf Style. I was so excited to finally start the cable section, but I decided to do a quick steam block to straighten it out, still on the needles.
Guess what?
I hate it.
It’s beautiful. It’s just waaayyy too wide.
Once I had it folded properly (it has a striped backing to fold up and hide the fair isle backside) it is just so thick and huge. HUGE.
It is twice as wide as any scarf should be!!!
It’s my fault for not thinking this out, maybe, but I did read the dimensions. I just didn’t stop to think about how thick it would be, once you fold the backing up, and the fair isle is already double thick with all the yarn floats!! Add the backing to that and it’s like a triple thick nightmare.
I think what tricked me is the close up photo of the fair isle work: which is only HALF the actual scarf. Too bad the other photo is so blurry.
I thought “it doesn’t look so wide”. But it’s only half, nicely cropped off and I thought it was smaller than it is.
The thing is; a 12" scarf isn’t bad until it’s so thick it can’t move/bend/scrunch.
So…I may just throw this in the wash, it’d look so cute felted up and maybe I’ll sew it into a purse or just hang it on the wall, it’s so adorable with all those colors.
I knit it in brown/tan/pink/ (highland wool from Elann)
I wish this pattern could be made smaller, but it really can’t with all the cables…
Oh well live and learn!

Can you post a pic anyway? With all those colors it sounds like it looks amazing.

Wow, it sounds really pretty! Hopefully you can do something with it!

Since you asked, here are 2 photos, one to show the fairisle close up and one to show the striped backside that folds up behind it. :teehee:
The colors are NOT showing up accurately…(the oatmeal and celery are both showing up gray.)

It’s preeety though!

Very nice. Maybe turn it into a pillow? Looks like you could just fold in half and stuff.

OMG why didn’t I think of that!!! ?!?
Of course!
That is the perfect idea, thank you thank you! :cheering:

Oh my!!! This is gorgeous! This will make a beautiful pillow, what a nice idea! :cheering:

A pillow is a great idea! It’ll be so pretty!

It’s a pillow! (Good thing I tend to pick things in a certain “colorway”…it matches my couch, the rug…and the shirt I’m wearing…) :roflhard:


That turned out great! Glad you could make use of all that work.


I’m glad all of your hard work didn’t go to waste!

I agree - I can’t imagine that as a scarf, but it’s a great pillow!!

I think your pillow turned out great :smiley:

I like those colours too, but it wouldn’t match my house.

:cheering: :heart: looks great! I drool over that pattern and pics from time to time. sorry it didn’t work out for you as a scarf, but your pillow is gorgeous! congratulations! :heart: :cheering:

It’s beautiful and I love the fair isle work…! Maybe it can become something else??

Wow, it looks great as a pillow! My first thought was, "It even matches her couch!"
Even though it didn’t work out as a scarf for you, it still had a good ending!

That looks great! I love the Fairisle pattern.

And nobody will know that it wasn’t originally intended to be a pillow, either. :rofl:

Hi, I think it turned out great. I am knitting the exact scarf right now, with the yarn they recommended. I thought of it as a little wide, but i wonder how much bigger than mine. I know my striped section is 12 inches long. I hope I am not as disappointed. but I see a pillow in my future too.