My face

Now I have uploaded a photo showing my gorgeous (not) face, but I can’t seem to get it to appear, what am I doing wrong? :shrug: :hair: :gah: :wall:

Where did you upload it to? Oh wait…I see it in your profile. Go to edit avatar and upload it there.

You can get it from your computer, but it needs to be 100x100 pixels and no larger than 19.5 kb. Maybe the one you tried was too large or you’re putting it in the wrong place? Go to user settings/edit avatar.

Does that help?

Now that is scary!!

And yes, you’re amazingly helpful, as always - bless!!

Interesting! When I’m logged in to KH, I can’t see anyone’s avatars. I kinda noticed it before, but now I’m complaining about it. Why is that?

Subsequently logged out and logged back in so I could 1) see David’s picture and 2) comment on it.

That’s a great looking face, David. No need to be so self-deprecating! You look like a perfectly happy, friendly, well-adjusted KNITTER! And I’m sure you have a great accent, too, even though we unfortunately can’t “see” [U]that[/U] in the picture.