My end stitches are weird

I’m having problems with my end stitches. When looking at the WS my left-side end stitches are perfect (unbelievable, I know), BUT my right-side end stitches are very loose. No matter what I try I can’t get them to tighten up. I’ve tried slipping the 1st stitch as suggested on this web site. I’ve tried K or P [I]really [/I]tight. The end result is the piece is getting lop-sided because one side is loose and the other is tight.

What would cause this and how can I fix it? I’ve included a picture, but it’s kinda hard to see :knitting:

I can’t really see any problem from the picture. Do you mean the very last stitch or several? It’s probably a tension issue when you purl/knit on that side. Depending on the yarn it may block out.

It may also be because there’s no border on the edges and they’re rolling to the back. That’s another problem altogether…

It’s the very last stitch. And it’s only on one side. Tthe other side is just fine.

Yes, I thought it was a tension problem so I’ve tried to tighten up the first stitch in various ways but nothing is working.

This is the first time I’ve seen this in my knitting and i think it’s weird.

I would’ve thought slipping that first stitch and tightening it up a bit would’ve done the trick. Not sure what else to suggest.

I actually have the same problem when I’m making socks. Everything but the last stitch of the row (I use the magic loop method) is perfect, but that last stitch is really loose. Just as you said, no matter how tight I pull it, it always is loose.

I’ve heard that tightening the [I]second[/I] stitch works, whereas tightening the first stitch won’t help as much.

This is one suggestion I’ve not heard. I’m willing to give anything a try. Thank you :slight_smile:

Are yours on one side only too?


Yeah, I tighten on the 2nd stitch. I can’t remember if I read that in the Stitch N Bitch book, or, Maggie Righetti’s “Knitting In Plain English” book, but, that has always worked great for me. Just knit your first stitch like normal, put your needle into your 2nd stitch as if to knit, but, don’t knit it just yet…Give your working yarn a good tug, not enough to cause too much tension in the yarn but enough to make it snug…continue knitting as normal!

Yeah, same thing as `complete the first stitch and tug on the yarn’.

I just love this forum! :hug:

I have this same problem in a big way & it is the reason I looked for this knitting forum. My right end stitch is always twice the size of the needle. I’ve tried using smaller needle & other solutions without any success. I took a class to learn to knit an entarsia sweater that is formed by lots of individual small squares and triangles across the row. I understand the pattern, but the oversized last stitch makes it unsightly. It has been a nightmare because the big end loop stitch occurs every 6th stitch from short rows as I build another square or triangle in the pattern. I invested lots of time & money only to give up until I find a solution.