My ebay winnings

are not what I thought they would be :pout: . A little while ago I bid on a lot of bamboo DPNs, sizes 0-11 and I won. They came in the mail and they were not the nice polished ones like Clover that I have and want more of. They look like (to me anyway) raw sanded bamboo but I thought this is fine for now. At least I can try them out and learn how to knit with them until I can buy the ones I want right? Well, I am trying to learn how to make a hat on the size 8’s when one of them looked a little small, I checked it with my gauge and it measures out to be a size 7 when it is marked size 8. I am not too terrible upset, it just re-inforces the fact that I do still need to by the real ones and not just settle with these.

Anyone else here come across this too?

I bought some and LOVE mine.I bought from skyridersince2005

You might try polishing them yourself. I think there is some sort of polish you can put on and let dry overnight. Even wax paper rubbed on them would help, I think.

I bought mine from Bambooneedlegirl and love them :shrug:

I forgot to say that I bought mine from whalerider out of TX. I like them but I will slowly replace them with Clover Takumi.

I bought mine from that person too and I found they were very raw-ish and had lots of little splintery bits that would catch on my yarn so I just kept a nail file nearby when I started a project on a set of needles I hadn’t worked with yet and just sanded them and as I used them they got better. They’re too sticky for me, I definately like metal needles better. I haven’t worked with clover bamboo though, maybe they’re not too bad then.

The difference in needle sizes could be due to different companies having different standards. That said, it’s still annoying when the size difference is one full size.

I bought my DPNs from bambooneedlegirl and really like them. I’m sorry yours aren’t as nice :pout:

(The funny thing is, I prefer metal! Now I have to go buy a set of them too.)

In Amy’s video, she says that Elizabeth Zimmerman ( :notworthy: ) says it’s okay to use one DPN that’s the wrong size, because the wrong size stitches will be distributed around the garment. If you have a set of 5, you could always just do your knitting on 4 DPN’s.

I’m fond of my Clover and Crystal Palace DPN’s. Brittany makes nice birchwood ones, too, that feel very similar to the bamboo.

I bought some less expensive ones and found they were not quite as nice as Clover bamboo, too. However they work fine till I can get better ones. :shrug: