My dumbest question yet re: cotton yarn

I have a special request for a toddler sweater and was wondering are garments knit with 100% cotton yarn WARM? There’s the dumbest question ever. This particular pattern would wind up being 2 strands of the cotton held together, if that changes anything. Is it warmer than acrylic per se? I don’t find acrylic terribly warm really…

Thanks all!

I don’t know a whole lot about yarn, but I don’t think cotton would be considered warm. Tightly knit it would help, but to me it seems more like a spring sweater or for cool nights in summer. Maybe a wool/cotton blend would be better? Depends on where the child lives though and whether he/she has sensitive skin, too.

jan, excellent points!!! we live in florida, so the coldest it ever really gets is the 30s and 40s and that’s very brief. He actually does have sensitive skin, which is something i didn’t even think about! i’m so glad you mentioned it. this will be a cardigan, too, i should’ve mentioned that, so there will be something underneath it too.

thanks so much!!! :slight_smile:

Yea cotton! for Florida knitting. I really liked Lion Brand cotton ease but it has been discontinued. I have not tried knit picks cotton yarns but I am sure they are wonderful.

Oooh! I know, I know!! :happydance: Using 2 strands of Lion Brand kitchen cotton makes something VERY warm! Seriously warm!!! How do I know? I made this from that very thing! This is the warmest throw that I have ever made!

Only thing to remember… it does stretch a bit but usually comes back in the dryer AND it’s very heavy when wet (It will throw my washer out of whack!) I wash this throw and it takes forever to dry but it’s so soft and comfy! It’s also fairly easy to work with!

Hope that helps! Good luck!


WOW, Ang! How have I never seen that throw before??? It’s GORGEOUS!!

DITTO, KK!! You would never know that it had been in the washer & dryer either!!! LOVE IT!!

:oops: Gosh, guys, thanks!

This is really no big deal. I got a couple of spools of LB Kitchen cotton, used 2 strands and made squares and rectangles. Every time I find an interesting or different cable pattern, I make a box. When I get enough boxes, I stitch them together. It’s sorta FO/WIP as I just keep finding cool patterns to try. That’s why it doesn’t have a border yet.

I like using the Kitchen Cotton because the big spools are $10 and I’ve used 4 so far and this thing’s gotten pretty big. It really does wash well! At first the cotton seemed a bit stiff but after that first wash… everyone fights over it!

I used size 11 needles with this and it seemed to be a good size. I’m not sure what the suggested size for 2 strands would be? 11’s made a tight and not too bulky stitch and worked great for the cables. Another thing that I thought of… using the natural could be interesting if you dyed it! It really is a very bland and natural color and cotton should take color well. :thinking: That could be a fun new project!

Anyway… I’m so glad that you like it. If the mood strikes you… give it a try! It’s one of those projects that you can work on for a while, put aside and pick back up.


that throw is GORGEOUS.